September 30, 2010

simple style

Sometimes you only need a few fabulous pieces to make gorgeous-


September 29, 2010

a great hue

I used to say it was my favorite color when I was a little girl. More due to the fact that I think it was my sisters ;)

I am making up my own mind now, and I still love it. There is subtle evidence all through my house.. and the night shirt- it's Kayce Hughes ( and it's heaven, I love mine, Kevin doesn't mind it either, ha! )


September 28, 2010

what a great find, and cheap too!

Sweet little 99 cent bowls from China Town. They are perfect for snacks. ( and my girls like eating out of new and interesting dinnerware finds they pick out! )

and yes, I use Ikea dinner ware.. it's white and inexpensive.. don't care if it breaks, chips or scratches. It's very easily replaceable!

September 27, 2010

three things

It's been a few years since Sharon Mimrans living room was featured in Canadian House and Home- but even though it's been years, I continue to be inspired by it over and over. It's something about the mix.

This kitchen, designed by Linda Reeves and her team for a hospital lottery home has baskets as cabinetry.. have to say I love that-

and what are your thoughts about a table in place of an island? I do like the feel of this kitchen-


September 25, 2010

bookshelves, not the linen closet?!

Well, what are you up to this weekend? I am hoping to spend some outside time with the girls ( our weather has been awful for the last month, and I think the sun is going to shine today )

I also need to find a home for all my books, right now they are all in a linen closet. Having a wall full of shelves like this would sure help! I also think I may need to reproduce the art..
I love this space-

September 24, 2010

the final update to the Ikea dresser update-

Remember when I started my Ikea dresser update? Once I had painted and lightly stained it, I was pretty smitten with it. I had been thinking about changing up the hardware.. but like many things, there is so much more going on than to think to look for some I liked. Plus I didn't want to spend a bunch on it. While snooping around home depot last weekend I thought I would have a peek-

and for $2.00 a pull, found these.

I like them :)
I really like that they cost me $12.

Project done.

September 23, 2010

great grey's + great chairs

Not only do I adore this lovely ladies blog.. I love everything about her home-

a gorgeous tufted sofa and those chairs.. I like the little round ottoman nestled between the chairs-

I may have done a little more with ( decor on ) the fireplace, but I love the tones of all the pieces-

and banquette perfection-

Creams, greys and a little bit of tufted upholstery.. gorgeous
Are you sick of seeing my love for all things neutral yet?!

images 1/2/3/4

September 22, 2010

a second look at Suzanne Kasler's office

Like the rest of Suzanne Kasler's amazing office ( we looked at it here ) I (re) fell for these spaces. Rows of baskets to organise-

and a bulletin board / inspiration board that isn't over done.

I like to see what I'm inspired by!

I won a giveaway from Melissa Blake ( have you met this lady? She is remarkable, inspiring and seriously lovely! ) I am SO excited to receive my new Plum Pretty Sugar lounge pants. I love lounge pants.. I love lounging ( when I have the chance! ) Thank you so much Melissa + Plum Pretty Sugar!

September 21, 2010

the color of bleached linen-

I love these two spaces in California designer Dana Abbott's home. A cabinet filled with white dinner wear and curiosities is on my one day list-

and a settee that is part structured and part full out comfy, and those legs.. oh-

house beautiful

September 20, 2010

I am all about comfort-

When Rikshaw Designs Gold Kurta came back into stock, I quickly ordered one. After hearing how much my friend Paula liked hers, and my love for Lauren's duvet.. I knew I needed one of these tunics. Last week I threw it on with leggings, flats and a Madewell cardigan, ( it's been COLD here! ) and I loved it.. so perfect and comfortable-

oh, and a little sneak peak of me in my new reading glasses.. one part of the headache problem solved.. more on that later-

Happy Monday :)

September 18, 2010

my ideal space

Part of me so terribly wants to give up my 3 levels of suburbia for a condo in the city. Just outside of the core. The only problem? I'd want it to be big, so it could look like this :)

Kevin thinks I'm crazy.. I just can't get over the idea. I want a unique space! So on my want list.. a ( big ) condo or a tall + skinny town home. Maybe one day.. until then, I'll keep planning and looking...
What's your ideal space?

September 17, 2010

three things

I'm feeling a little love for the next 3 images.. there is something about strong injections of gold, classic black and white and great lighting. Pendant and table.

An hermes throw, fabulous area rugs and great style never hurt either-

September 16, 2010

ballet class

pretend moves before we left home :)

actually enjoying the class, phew

with her bff, who is also in the class-

and me, making my dance class debut.. after Calleigh's only melt down..not bad, I expected to spend more of the class in there!

All in all FUN! Looking forward to next week-

the skinny on madewell jeans

I'll tell you about the madewell jeans, then I will stop talking about fall clothes! Today I am wearing the vintage low flares, and I really like them. I was worried this morning, the thighs were a little snug ( yikes! got to get back to yoga ) but they have stretched out just the right amount during the day. I did them with a little tight roll ( think jcrew ) and flats.

I also ordered the bootlegger jean, but haven't worn them yet. They have a nice long and lean leg.. I'm looking forward to putting these ones on-

Great jeans... I am so over spending $300 on a pair of jeans....

September 15, 2010

building the wardrobe-

I'm slowly working on the fall wardrobe. Adding a few pieces that I know I will wear daily. I am all about a few great pieces I love. Not spending a fortune on a bunch of trendy things I never touch. Just me. Anyway. To work into my cardigan and flats attire, I ordered two of these. Great basic, nice colors.
And against my better judgement, I ordered this alpaca long cardigan in the darker brown, shown here-

even though it looks terrible ( below )-

is it just me, or does it look awful?! Good heavens, press it before you shoot it! I think without 2 layers underneath, it will be cute. Fingers crossed-

I have to have the wrap up on a snowy day, throw on with Uggs ( yes, I wear them. I know, half the world hates them.. live in Canada, you won't have a choice ;) sweater. Do you have a go to day off sweater?

September 14, 2010

it's lovely

I came upon this post renovated room by Peter Fallico in an old Canadian House & Home.. I really love it's quiet simplicity. There are some fabulous details, but it's a quiet space. #1 priority in a principal bedroom for me!

and it begins-

It's a busy few weeks for this little miss. Calleigh started her second year of preschool last week, she now goes 3 mornings a week. She just fell into the group who could go to kindergarden, but from all the mom's I spoke to holding her back one year was the way to go. She's 4.5, and gaining the social skills this year. Last year she was a timid little bug. This morning we are off to the first ballet class.. we were perfecting our ballet bun last night ;)

September 10, 2010

crewcuts + great rooms

I find myself just as crazy about crewcuts as I am about jcrew lately! Which would explain why I adored this post from the Alice Lane blog, taking the sweetest crewcut looks and pairing them with a great room. One of my favorites-

Check out the awesome post here-

it's in the mix

If I stay true to what I love, and all the time I feel more and more comfortable and confident in doing so ( it takes time doesn't it?! ) I love the mix of warm wood in a space. Whether old or new, an inexpensive find, or full of family history, mixed with a creamy white and black, I just love it-

Helen Bertelson's dining and bedroom via style at home and a kitchen that has me weak in the knees every time I look at it-

and a classic, that I'm sure we all fell for when it was originally featured in Canadian House and Home, a kitchen by Tommy Smythe.. the floors, lighting, table, cabinets.. it's an elegance that's timeless-

What have you discovered you love in a space?

September 9, 2010

loving this season

My fall look? Clean lined jeans ( I've ordered some Madewell jeans, so I'll let you know how those turn out ) with a simple cardi and flats.. loving something a little girly to finish the look. I am ADORING Pretty Ballerinas- does anyone own them, do you love them?