August 31, 2010

old, new, borrowed + blue

I loved seeing the details of Style at Home magazines editor in chief, Erin McLaughlins weekend wedding away.

I adore details.

August 30, 2010

softening my view

For a while now I have wanted to put some trees outside our dining room window. We are very close to our neighbors house, and I am not a fan of staring at siding. Thanks Dad for bringing them down and planting them today :)

The space:

my view now.. sweet little trees that will soon fill in and brighten my view!

My mom has lush greenery outside of her windows and I just love it.

August 27, 2010

visiting Laura Trevey

I was so honored when the amazing Laura Trevey asked me what was bright, bold and beautiful to me.. see it here!

thanks + a hint of pink

Thank you all SO much for the birthday wishes...they felt like a big hug...
An afternoon by myself was pretty nice, and right after supper at grandma's with the girls, the door bell rings, and there is my sweet husband, he's been out of town all week and he came home to surprise me.. yup, almost in tears :)
Have a wonderful weekend, xx

August 26, 2010

a little pretty, just cause it's my birthday

A bonus day off at the almost end of the week..and a few hours out this afternoon by myself to look forward to ( thanks to grandma for offering to watch the girls so I could go shopping ).
Happy 33rd birthday to me :) ( 33?!! Where did you come from?! )
images 1+ 2, suzie beezie

August 25, 2010

rustic sensibilities

I call it rustic. Call it casual, simple or smart. Easy lines, wood and well picked accessories.. I feel a little bit of rustic in these images-

and I love it

all images, decorpad

August 24, 2010

I'm such a girl,

because I'm smitten...

one thing in common

stripes, stripes, fab house numbers, sweet topiary & yellow. Never really considered yellow, until these...
yikes..sources, I forgot :(

August 23, 2010

rikshaw in my house

This is Laurens rikshaw design taj duvet... I adore it so much... I wish it came in king-

I surprised her when I put it on her bed, and whispered to her ( she's 2.5 ) that I had a surprise in her room... she snuggled into it, said "Mommy! It's beautiful", then proceeded to put her hands on my cheeks, kiss me and tell me " thank you mommy, I love it ".

I'm still smiling about it-

August 20, 2010

todays hint of pink

It's Friday. Thank goodness, it's been a loonnng week.. happy weekend! x

images domino + canadian house & home

August 19, 2010

welcome sponsor, rikshaw design

I'm a little jealous.
Lauren ( my daughter ) has the Rikshaw Design taj duvet cover in pink. It is the most divine, gorgeous and amazing duvet cover I have ever laid my eyes on, and I've looked at, touched ( and sold ) alot of duvets. You know the perfect balance of light and soft? This is it. And you can bet each amazing article of Rikshaw goodness is made out of this amazing cotton.

The prints and designs for babies, ladies and decor are so lovely, as is the amazing woman behind it all! Welcome Catherine and Rikshaw Design, so glad to have you here! xx

I like your curves

In a world of tufted + upholstered, sleek and modern, there is something just plain fancy dancy about a bed with curves- and a tufted bed with curves, even better.

August 18, 2010

summer style at the zhush!

Thanks Sue for featuring me in your summer style secrets series! xx

this is why I adore a little bit of black in a space-

Thank you all so much for taking the time to talk headaches! I cannot even tell you how much I appreciate it. I have an appointment with my chiropractor tomorrow, eye doctor next week, and we have an appointment with our family doctor tomorrow for Lauren, so I may try to sneak my headaches into conversation :) Your comments were SO helpful and made me think of new reasons.. like Gluten, my youngest has an intolerance and we haven't figured out who she got it from, they say it's hereditary? I've been drinking water all day, working on my computer as little as possible, and going for walks to get away from my desk. Thanks again, you guys rock.

August 16, 2010

anyone suffer from headaches?

I just can't stand it anymore. I have a headache almost everyday. The amount of Tylenol and Advil I go through are crazy. It's behind my eyes lately, I am going to try to get my eyes checked this week, see if anything comes of that. Any suggestions? Anything I can try? Thanks you guys, x

checking in with Deborah Jaffe

It was so nice to receive an email from Deborah Jaffe this weekend + finding out what she has been up to for the last little bit. ( She's planning a big move, so there is packing, cleaning and sorting going on) She included these images she shot for Self magazine. Deborah, it was lovely to hear from you, and we are all wishing you the best with your move from LA to DC!


In our old neighborhood, I used to drive past this home everyday. Stunner, isn't it? So when it came up for sale, of course I was curious. There was an open house this weekend, but we couldn't make ourselves go in.. I can't fake that I can afford a $999,000 home :)

August 14, 2010

cleaning day, my favorite product

Saturday morning, I like to start my house cleaning first thing in the morning, then it's over and done with. My favorite part, wrapping up the whole house by cleaning the floors with methods almond hardwood floor cleaner. The scent is heaven, and when I smell it, I know my house is clean :) Have you tried it?

weekend plans

It's that time again! What are you up to this weekend? ( Is it weird that I am looking forward to early fall days, a little crispness in the air, wrapping up in sweaters? I love fall! )

August 13, 2010

ladies, I love your summer style

images instyle

I love 'jens pick' this week, what a fabulous wedding..

I recently came across these images while perusing my favorite photographer, Orangegirl's blog. She photographed the most amazing wedding at Emerald Lake, BC in July. I love every little detail of the wedding. It was styled to perfection + not missing a thing! I love the mixes of traditional and modern, and a little of the the pinwheel bouquets from Etsy seller Rule 42, and the J.Crew bridesmaid dresses and groomsman attire...simply stunning.We are so fortunate to have had a family photoshoot with Orangegirl, last August....she is an incredibly talented and adorably sweet woman + photographer. I am so thankful for the beautiful moment in time she captured for our family.