July 6, 2011

why didn't I think of this before?!

We needed a few more bins for the girls playroom, so we headed out to Ikea for a quick and easy dinner and a little shopping. As we are walking through the store we found some inexpensive black out roll blinds for our bedroom (yay!) and carried on through the bedding. Now it's been some time since I have had a cover on our duvet. I cannot find one I like! In the winter I add my swans island blanket and cable throw over top, so it's only in the summer months it's bare. Well as we were going through the bedding, as a joke I walked up to a black duvet cover and said to Kevin " ha, I bet you'd love this!" totally as a joke. And then it hit me.. it's perfect! We have cream and white and wood tones and it totally needs the black to ground it! Even better was the $39.99 King price tag! Don't worry, I'm not using the coordinating pillow cases that came with it, it's just going to be folded all crisp and grounding at the bottom of the bed.

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My Many Moments said...

That sounds perfect! Picture Please ;)