June 11, 2013

new house files | little main floor bath

This is a case of the 'I've loved it forever but never had a place for it but I do now so thank goodness I remembered it'

That ever happen to you? File things away in the back of your mind and then forget you love them? I've been stuck with our little main floor bath for what to hang. It has a captains mirror above the sink and this pendant light..

It's a simple almost masculine space. Which is cool, but I couldn't think of what I wanted in there. AND THEN TODAY I remembered this-

I love the rustic frame, great colors.. it's perfect for this little room! It was so great too that I was able to support a fabulous shop in Red Deer ( where I grew up ) Hudson Madison, instead of ordering it online, and they're shipping it down to me :) Amazing shop, amazing service. Make sure you look them up if you're in town! x S

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Sarah said...

Love the art and the quote is from a Jimi Hendrix song!! One of my faves -Purple Haze - have fun! ;-)

Anna White said...

My goodness you have been busy since my last visit...you little creative genius YOU! Well done lovely x

Jordana @WhiteCabana said...

I love the round mirror. Can I ask - where's it from?

Sarah Swanson said...

Hi Jordana! The mirror was a Homesense find years ago! Sorry that I can't direct you to one :( x S