May 3, 2013

weekend links

A few links for you to check out this weekend with your morning coffee or curled up in bed still..

I love Emily's post on RECENTLY about the half tuck.. it's made it's way into my life too, and I like it alot!

The 1st birthday party Caycee is planning for her baby girl is going to be incredible.. follow her on Instagram to see all the details. This is one fabulous mamma!

If you don't read George & Ruby written by the head of creative at Oscar de la Renta Marissa Kraxberger you should start :)

I totally agree with Drew and her Friday Fancy Fashion Leaves.. I'm in love too. Evidence are these Juicy Couture shorts on their way to me. I'm kinda crazy about bold shorts..

Danika's door makeover is seriously crazy good. ( Never mind just the door..have a snoop around and see what they've done to the whole exterior! )

Yup that's my bed up there and though it won't be getting much lazing around tomorrow that's ok, we have a great day planned.. a trip to the dollar store for allowance spending, it's their favorite haunt right now ;) a quick trip to to the mall, the library, hubs needs new gym clothes and what is always an amazing time having dinner and hanging out with friends tomorrow night. When we move into the new house these guys are just around the side of the pond from us.. a golf cart would sure be handy carting sleepy kids back home ;) Happy weekend! x S

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caycee said...

Aww girl you're the best!I so so wished you lived closer so we could celebrate and sip champagne together!