May 5, 2013


Finally. Spring, hello! Sun shining, white jeans with a bold royal top and Tory Burch sandals. I adore these shoes, they are just that perfect brown and type of leather that is going to get better wear after wear-

Yes, this is an empty bowl..A quick gluten free breakfast for me was a bowl of Chex with milk and sugar. Not exactly the way we should be starting our day, ha ha. I found the brand Love Grown Foods gluten free granola at Superstore and it's amazing with Iogo lactose free yogurt and a sliced banana and blueberries and blackberries. Now that I'm eating it Calleigh has started too so I feel like a good example-

Little details continue to get addd to the new house.. I had a moment of love when I saw the faucet had been installed.

This reminded me that I haven't yet ordered Gwyneth Paltrows new book. I always order from and save atleast 34% on every book. Makes buying books a much happier experience!

details details at the new house. We have a walk through on Wednesday with our builder and all details will be finished. Then it is 1 week until move in.

Tory Burch white jeans and flip flops with a fun tribal tank-

Tory Burch floral jeans ( on sale now! ) and flats -

You know I'm not a scent person because of my migraines, but oh hanna this is the best smelling candle I have EVER smelt. I bought it on the spot! I've found out it's been dubbed the boyfriend candle because of it's leather and cedar scent combination-

Hello green leaf shorts, I can't wait to wear you with this-

Ahh moving day.. a photo to mark a memory of our almost 5 years at 12 Copperstone Gardens-

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csallsazar said...

I love the Voluspa Ambre candles. I have the same problem you do with migraines. Will need to check these out! I also like the Champagne ones, but not quite as much as the Ambre.

BTW, I ordered some of the accents you recommended for my living room, plus a porcelain pineapple I had to have! I am waiting for my foo dogs - they should be in any day.

Your new home is lovely. We have wooden blinds over our many windows. I would love to replace them one day as they are not very good quality. They stay open 24/7 anyway!