November 28, 2012

gift giving

I've been thinking about the perfect gift..and thought of a lovely husband who gave his wife a design board for her birthday. Love that, seriously. So it got me thinking, if there are any of you who are interested in working with me in the new year, have your gift giver send me a quick email and he/ she /they can surprise you with a design board paid for, for the room of your choice!

Room pricing:

Living Room $295
Bedroom | Den | Office | Dining | Playroom $245
Bathroom | Entry $195


design philosophy | providing a foundation to grow and alter through the years, I keep the core basic and layer in the current, creating a room that is innately yours. I believe great interiors are not found in one shop. I know you should feel a sense of calm in your space as well as balance, and revel in that gut feeling that it’s the right fit. DESIGN SERVICES start at only 10.00. See Sarah Swanson Design at the top left of this blog!

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