November 28, 2012

send your pictures please!

I love looking back at all the different ways gallery wall $10 water colors get used.. nobody has sent me pictures in a while, so you're all in trouble ;) I love to see what you do with them, where you put them, how you style them.. so I'm expecting my in box to get flooded with pictures ok?!

  The shop has just been filled with a whole bunch of new paintings :) xx

 ( for the list of who these beautiful spaces belong to and to see more GALLERY WALL in bloggers homes click here! )

( this gorgeousness above is a home done by Marianne Simon Design, it's not listed in the link :) )

design philosophy | providing a foundation to grow and alter through the years, I keep the core basic and layer in the current, creating a room that is innately yours. I believe great interiors are not found in one shop. I know you should feel a sense of calm in your space as well as balance, and revel in that gut feeling that it’s the right fit. DESIGN SERVICES start at only 10.00. See Sarah Swanson Design at the top left of this blog!


Nicolle Cannone said...

Love it!!! thanks for sharing;)

Laura Collins said...

I love the way that Marianne Simon Design used it in the living room!! So subtle!


lizziefitz said...

I still LOVE mine with my blue and white collection! I think of you daily when I admire it:)

Becca | Lowlife Couture said...

I love mine! Right now it is behind the christmas tree (tight quarters) but I will have to check my archives for a photo!

Megan Daly said...

Ok. So I am glad I saw this. I did send you a couple pics of my Sarah Swanson Art and you never showed it on your blog. I am thinking you forgot or you just didn't like it. ;)
So I will try it again Sarah. Last chance for a Super cool Megan's Living Room Picture. lol