May 2, 2010

it's not traditional

Non cookbooks in the kitchen - why not? My reality is I cook breakfast and lunch.. we work from 12:30 to 9:00 everyday.. cooking is not my #1 priority. 5 nights out of 7 grandma cooks for the girls, then we end up eating supper at their house one night on the weekend. So why not put books I actually read there?

I do love to eat great meals. A few ingredients + great taste is perfect for our take to work suppers. Know any?


lisaroy said...

I agree! Books look great anywhere - it's funny I've got almost all of those books as well! And the same mixer in a darker colour of gunmetal!

Anonymous said...

I agree! I think that nothing makes a house, a home more than organizing a space that fits YOU + your family and not designing a space in a traditional manner that fits the mainstream idea of how it should, NON cookbooks in the kitchen it is!...xoxo.

Deepali Kalia Filling Spaces said...

Love the book display:)
Well we cook almost all night i love to cook!..lots to share my mom;'s recipes...mostly indian lentils and veggies'

Kera said...

interesting that your books are all white or taupe. that's so hot right now. :) yesterday I tried out the yummiest, easiest pea soup, which turned out to be a hit with all my boys. Here's the link!

Mary Ann said...

who makes the rules as long as it results to a style with great taste...your book arrangement in your kitchen is just lovely and artistic! verbena cottage

Mariska Meijers said...

I couldn't agree more with you. Same here! xox

A Room For Everyone said...

I have design books in the kitchen too! Why not? I'm trying to think of something I cook that would be easy to transport..I'll keep thinking..Rxx

keely @ luxe + lillies said...

My mom who is a great cook (and very healthy) came up with this one that is my absolute go to... It's SO yummy, and super quick!

For "Med Pasta" you will need:
-Bowtie Pasta
- Julienne cut sun dried tomatoes (I used the ones that are canned in liquid, not packaged dry)
- Capers
- Chopped green olives/pimentos
-Balsamic Vinegar
- Parmesan Cheese
- Olive Oil
- Salt

- Cook the Bowtie Pasta until al dente

- In a saucepan pour about 1/8 cup olive oil (you will be able to gage by eye how much you need everytime after the first time you make it), and

- Add a little balsamic vinegar

- Then add the capers, sundried tomatoes, and olives and pimentos. (All in fairly equal amounts, add more of one if you like) Heat on high, but do not let boil.

- When it gets warm enough to serve, taste it, and add salt if you wish. Stir in some parmesan cheese and let it melt a little

- Add the pasta, stir it around to coat it with sauce evenly and serve!

Cashon&Co said...

you know, that's a great idea. i never thought of that!
plus yours are all pretty colours that look great in your kitchen it seems!

Cashon&Co said...

you know, that's a great idea. i never thought of that!
plus yours are all pretty colours that look great in your kitchen it seems!

Amy said...

that's hilarious! i have all those pottery barn books that you have too (the set of 4 bathrooms, bedrooms, etc.. and the big HOME book! love them)!

Elizabeth said...

I love this idea. Cookbooks can be so random and the colors can be all weird too. I've thought about wrapping them in some kraft paper...but this idea is easier :)

LindsB said...

love this idea- you should totally put books where you read them!

The Zhush said...

Wish I did! May have to check your comments for some ideas for my own home (I am the worst cook!)

LAURA!!! said...

Oh great idea and lovely blog!