April 7, 2013

life lately | in pictures :: 18 new items added to #thrifted :: J Crew boots, sweater, scarf + more!

Hi! The last three weeks feels like a complete whirlwind.. I thought we could catch up the easy way in point form with a picture or two..

The photo shoot for Style at Home was awesome. So awesome :) Although after the shoot was done I took everything off my walls and took apart my bar cart, the moving bug has hit and I just wanted to live in a really simple space until the 23rd when we move out. So I had two days of chaos that was my own fault..I really should have just left it alone ;)

This was right before I rearranged the living room for the second time.. ha!

Shoot day with photographer Tracey Ayton and Editor in Chief of Style at Home Erin McLaughlin. What a treat and a pleasure to hang out with them both all day!

I saw this Tory Burch sandal and haven't been able to get them out of my head. So I bought them ;) Hurry up spring!

While at Tory Burch getting the sandals I had a little lamp lust..

I really dislike to spend money on makeup so I will hold out as long as I can before I need to get it. Eg. I ran out of concealer so I figured it was time, ha!

I love Bobbi Browns little concealer and powder duo's and I fell for this Dior blush at Sephora.. the color gives that perfect subtle hint of rosiness. Have you seen these little hairbands?! They've probably been out for three years and I just found them. I'm pretty hip like that ;) They were $5 and now I don't have to use the girls little knotted elastics in neon colors. I feel much more refined. I'm so laughing to myself..

These little tapas dishes arrived from The Cross and I LOVE them. Cutest color ever :)

Remember in November when Rugs USA had that 75% off sale and I ordered this rug for the new house.. an 8x10 for around $300.. it was an awesome deal. The rug has been back ordered since then and it just arrived. Thank god I love it. I considered cancelling it so many times..

There is some serious progress happening in the new house and I'm so excited to FINALLY get to see all my work and choices come together. I'll be stalking the house now..

Fireplace millwork is installed-

and this is the framing for my version of the dish wall that Katie Lee has-


The cabinet bases are all in the house and ready to be put into place...

I just finished adding 18 new items to THRIFTED! J Crew boots, sweaters, scarf and lots more! 

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Fun post! Erica

Marianne said...

I want a dish wall in my house!!! Sadly no room.