August 21, 2013

useful spaces | my back nook

I love paper products. For ever I have kept my wrapping paper in a storage bin under our bed.. not fabulous, but completely worked. Between Gallery Wall and Thrifted I have all sorts of shipping supplies that are randomly tucked where they would fit.. but no more :) :) In our laundry room at the garage entrance there was a nook that I purposely kept clear and kept the hanging rod out of when we built. I knew I would find something useful for the space, but couldn't put my finger on what. And then it came to me.. ding ding ding! Ha ha.. paper storage! I know it sounds completely boring and dreadful but this dresser is now stocked with stationary, cards, tissue, wrap, ribbons and shipping supplies. Insert smug smile. It makes me irrationally happy. The big ol hamper holds all those paper shopping bags that I hang onto because I do end up reusing them!

bronze hooks are Anthropologie

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Sara Mueller said...

I completely understand your excitement! And the space and hooks looks so organized and pretty, and most important there's purpose and function.