August 6, 2013

a walk through the edesign process, some design boards and some finished spaces..oh! and a few snaps of our living room

It's always a little tricky when you focus on edesign like I do to have a real before + after portfolio. But on the other hand that's a really really great reason to love edesign.. you complete the room at your pace!

I wanted to have one post where I can send people to see what I do. Everyone's different and I love working with your different dynamics and taste and ideas.

I've promised a tour of our new home and I promise it's coming.. probably in the fall once the girls are off to school and I get my normal work days back! Here though is my happy space, I love this living room and the ease and comfort that it delivers. It's casual, inviting and 100% where I want to put my feet up!

Let's look at a bedroom that is still in the works and is so close to done I can't wait to see..

Here's the over all feel we were looking at-

and as the details are now arriving..

This is a lovely little sitting room..

a master bedroom plan..

a fabulous living and dining room in the same home..

a vacation home that we turned a bedroom into this..

and came up with this scheme for the living room..

a master retreat before..

and after..

and then I had the treat of working on her daughters space :)

a living room, an entry, a family room..

and I've recently had the pleasure of sourcing some headboards and pillows for their master :)

sometimes as we just start a space and I want to get our direction, I'll send a board that looks like this..then you get to tell me what you like/love/hate and we continue from there :) This board just went out to a client last week..

  I hope that gives you an idea of my style and what I do for my clients! Each of you are different and that is so important to me. Your home should be a reflection of you and what you love.. I don't stop at a certain amount of revisions, I'm confident I'll be able to get you exactly what your hoping for that I'm willing to edit and edit.. but we usually don't edit that much! It's a fun and personal experience that is affordable and set to your budget and pace! xo S

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design philosophy | providing a foundation to grow and alter through the years, I keep the core basic and layer in the current, creating a room that is innately yours. I believe great interiors are not found in one shop. I know you should feel a sense of calm in your space as well as balance, and revel in that gut feeling that it’s the right fit. DESIGN SERVICES start at only 10.00. See Sarah Swanson Design at the top left of this blog!


Limezinnias Design said...

I love your design style and aesthetic. The way you put a look together is pretty, sophisticated and achievable. Love your blog. I always look forward to what you are doing.

jamie @ [kreyv] said...

Love it all! Where is the rug from in the top bedroom? It is amazing and reminds me of a cable knit sweater! Love your work!

Sara Mueller said...

Love your new house! Congratulations on the move by the way. Where is your French chair in your living room from?