July 10, 2013

holiday file | napa valley

I'd go back in a second. Our days were perfect. We ate like I have never eaten before. Wow are there some killer restaurants you have to hit if you go. I'll get to a few of those, one right away!

As we drove into the valley I had pre chosen a restaurant for lunch that turned out to be the best meal I have ever ate. Mustards Grill in St. Helena. The restaurant has gardens to the side full of their fresh vegetables.. eating gluten free isn't a problem because their food is so freshly put together.

I had the mongolian pork chop.. yup.. sort of a different lunch choice for me, but ohh thank goodness I tried it. Unreal :)

Then we were on our way to Calistoga to Solage. Hubs and I spent a week here years ago, and I've always wanted to go back. Having a romantic holiday with the hubs was great, but omg it was way too much fun with friends. While there you have to go for a bike ride ( bikes come with each studio. I haven't ridden a bike in years and Ashlyn would tell you I laughed like a 12 year old our first tour around. It was awesome. Book a spa treatment and have the mudslide. It's amazing :)

every day we found time to lounge at the pool and have a mojito or two, and we decided that we have never gotten ready so much as we did on this trip.. morning pre breakfast, post pool, pre supper.. lol. The heat does that to you! We weren't complaining though.. just hubs the day it hit 100 ;)

Another amazing lunch at French Blue in St. Helena. I could have moved right into this place.. 

 a trip to Dean & Deluca.. I have no words for how insanely incredible this place is!

oh and one more crazy good restaurant, Cindy Pawlcyn's that is tied to Mustards Grill.. both places, incredible!

A visit and tasting at St.Supery was really nice.. their moscato is delish!

Travelling with friends was so good... so good!

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Sarah S said...

Great recap! Makes me want to go back soon ;) Glad you had a wonderful vacation.

Full House said...

pretty pictures. I love Sonoma and Napa. Made me smile when I saw that you dined at Mustards Grill..such a great place with great memories. I'm all ears if you have any great ideas for food when we come to the Calgary, Banff area in a few weeks:-)

Sarah said...

Looks like a lot of fun, I love the Napa valley, such a special place - ;-)

Marianne said...

Dying to go back there! Haven't been in about 10 years, so I am long over due. Looks like you had the most incredible time. Can't wait to hear more about it when I come to visit!!! xo