June 3, 2013


So here's the thing. I want a collection of demijohns, carboys, green bottles.. whatever you would like to call them. I want them. Ha ha.. we went this past weekend and scoured the antique mall and I thought for sure I would be coming home with my collection. No such luck. Not even ONE! Sad Sarah. I have one great one that my Mom just gave me and it's lovely, but it needs some friends for impact. So friends, if you or your parents have one sitting around in the basement collecting dust.. please think of me ;) xx

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Ashley said...

I know it doesn't sound like good advice, but just keep your eyes open! I have 2 now (one currently a lamp, the second becoming a lamp soon) and I just stumbled on them. Keep your eyes peeled!

cori said...

i'll totally look for you, my mom-in-law collects great stuff like this!

Tara {The Silver Lining} said...

YES, I want more of these too! I have a green one that I got from my grandparent's house after they passed away. I'd love to have 3 together to put on top of a bookshelf.

Andrea Johnson said...

A friend of mine here in Vancouver has one for sale in her shop. http://heatherrossnaturaleclectic.com/
She may have a picture of it on her blog. Not sure if she ships but worth checking out!


Marianne said...

Saw a ton of those at Scott Antique Market in Atlanta today!