May 2, 2013

window treatments are all but killing me..

13 days until move in. It's coming fast but excruciatingly slow. I haven't slept in three nights and I think window treatments are to blame. I'm not kidding ;)

 I was going to get some gorgeous linen drapes from Restoration Hardware and call it a day.

and then I stood in the house and took in the view. I don't want anything interfering with or covering up that view. I joked to Kevin that I was going to buy Ikeas cheap roller blind and just pull them down at night. I think he probably did a little jump for joy.. $3000 for window coverings down to a under a hundred dollars..sweet!! Ha ha.. oh not that fast sweety..
RH it turns out has a really lovely custom blind option. But the problem with that is a. I've left it waaay to late to have them made and delivered by the 15th. and b. it feels too minimalist. I feel like once the furniture is in it's going to need drapes.  But then if I do drapes I want RH's and dang that's expensive. But they would probably get here in time. So round and round and round I go.

This is our bedroom..I'm having the same argument with myself over these windows too..

What oh what should I do?! If this was your house I would have a firm smart great idea as soon as I looked at them.. but because it's mine.. sigh. I just want to sleep tonight... S

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Julie said...

I hear ya completely about having difficulty making decisions when it comes to drapery for your own home! It's taken me a year to pick something for our family room! I personally like drapes, I just like the feel that they give a room, I think that the linen drapes would look amazing, but that's just me. Good luck with your decision! It'll look amazing whatever you choose!

Anonymous said...

Which direction do your windows face? South or West is going to be freaking hot because you are fully exposed and by the are going to want to shut that baby up tight come summer. Do something blackout in the bedroom...the days get long and you need your sleep;). Give yourself a break...newspaper, tinfoil, those folded temporary paper blinds are all allowed ... Until you have time to make a decision that is the right one .... One you can live with in the years to come. Big decision..sure...but not worth loosing sleep over. Sometimes it's better to live in the house to make these decisions.
Hugs and sweet dreams,

Anonymous said...

RH opaque linen panels. Enough to frame the window when open, sheer enough to let light in when closed and still provide a bit of coverage for sun and privacy. Optic white casts a beautiful glow when the sun shines through! The back of my house is all tall windows and they look amazing!

jen said...

wow, i love the view from your window!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,

As a fellow YYC-er with west facing large windows all along the back of our home, I echo what Ronda says. Even with air conditioning, it gets HOT in the summer when the heat is beating down on the west facing windows all afternoon (and until the sun sets which is getting later and later as we move towards June/July). You also want to consider your furniture - we have definitely noticed fading in upholstery from the bright sun from all our west facing windows. When we built our house I just used the temporary paper blinds - not pretty, but allowed me to live in the space with the furniture a few weeks before deciding what was needed in each room. Window coverings are so expensive so you want to make sure it is something you love.

Sara @ The Fat Hydrangea said...

WOW Sarah that view is amazing!! I agree it would be wrong to cover it up! I like the idea of the Ikea shades for privacy, but then maybe doing the RH drapes for more style than function and essentially hang them over the wall and not the window?

LOVE seeing the house coming along :)

Melissa said...

whatever you choose I know will end up being beautiful! Can never go wrong with RH drapes. Live in the space for a little, while you decide. Can't wait to see the final product!

Emily said...

Have you checked out Room and Board? Are those in Canada...sorry for my lack of knowledge. I get their emails and just got on not too long ago regrading their new window options. Some of them were minimalist and I could definitely see that here.

I love the drapes look too, but your view is also gorgeous. I'd probably go with a pinch-pleat drape because those can usually be pushed back and hold their shape (does that make sense?) Depends on the fabric of course, but that way you'd have the fabric to soften up the hard edges when everything is open, and still have the opportunity to close things off when you'd like.

Whatever you choose, I'm sure it will be gorgeous! Can't wait to see.