April 1, 2013

crushing on | tacos taken to a new level | new at thrifted

I'm crushing on a few things Tory Burch right now.. I can't get these shoes out of my head-

This scarf..Oi-
how absolutely fabulous are these colors together?! Reminds me of the set that launched THRIFTED :)

I'm trying to find the perfect bathing suit for this mid 30's bod.. I do know that I would like to be covered up by this-

I made these taco's tonight and I can honestly say that with just a few extra steps and ingredients, they are the best taco's we've ever had. I will forever make them this way. Link here.

Oh! You can pin right from my blog now if there's something you like, just hover over the photo and the [ pin it ] will pop up in the left corner!

I listed some great new items on THRIFTED.. if you pop over make sure you keep scrolling, there are available items through each post! xx

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Sara @ The Fat Hydrangea said...

I have to admit, when I saw those shoes on the Tory Burch site I was IMMEDIATELY drawn to them.. They are super funky and fun :) I'm just not sure I could pull them off...