April 3, 2013


I'm having an ick week. No other word for it. I spent so much time and energy getting ready for the photo shoot with Style at Home that all I thought about was how to better my home for it. Now it's done, and this house is sold, and it seems I'm a little out of sorts with the house. I feel done with it. That sounds awful to me, but it's pretty much where I'm at. We have 20 some more days here and part of me just wants to pack up the whole house and live in boxes. Then the other decorator side says YA RIGHT ;)

The girls are on spring break and have had a hard time adjusting to being home. Do yours do that?! The first 3 days at home were constant battles, time in the corner and screaming matches. I won't say who was screaming at who.... they have been on a craft kick ( fyi.. I hate crafts. Please don't hate me for it but that shit is messy!! ) So my house that I'm usually OCD about everything being in its place looks like this and I don't even care. ... clearly done right?! AND that I'm showing you my house looking like this is even more evidence of done ;)

Good heavens there are dining room chairs in the living room..

I'm going with that. :) xx

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Tiffany @ Savor Home said...

I've had an ick day, too, but I have you to thank for making me laugh. Love how you keep it real. The OCD in me is not a huge fan of crafts either... :)

Designwali said...

hahah i get like that about crafts too! thanks for the orgigrami intro... i love mine!

Nicolle said...

Deep Breathes... LOL I know how you feel, Im not the "craft mom" either I do them because I think I should and cringe at the site of glitter, glue and scraps of paper everywhere...

soon enough vacation will be over and back to school/normal!!

Sara @ The Fat Hydrangea said...

Aww Sarah!!

I have moved 4-times in the last 3-years, so I definitely know that pre-move blues feeling... don't worry, it is offset the second you move by the "Yay we're in our new house" feeling, so hang in there :)

Can't wait to see your new house!

Marianne said...

I'm seriously laughing so hard right now about your comment on crafts! Oh, how I adore you!!! xo

Nataliya said...

waiting a few more days for buyer's finance to officially be sold with our house. and I feel the same way, SO DONE. ha ha :)