February 4, 2013

it's all random, but it's what I'm thinking about-

A swimsuit I think I could pull off, love the color ( I know, you're not surprised ;) )

When Mackenzie pinned this tonight..oh lord.. can you IMAGINE?! Who gets to live like this?! I die.

love this worn, rustic, industrial feel.. not that I could live with it completely, but damn it looks good here-

I am in serious lust over this, and one day, ONE DAY, I need to have it. Just sayin'. ( Dear hubs, please do not go look at the price ;) )

Ok, what are your thoughts on these? I need jeans that I'll actually wear, and these, I'm envisioning sort of a size too big, so a little loose and comfy, with this white T and these easy summer flops. Yes?... are seven's too old or is the brand still ok? It's been a lot of years since I've worn 7's!

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Pink Flamingo Style said...

I think we've really overdone the skinny jean look recently, so a pair of boot cuts are the first thing on my list. Going back to the classics feels good sometimes!! I like your idea of how to style them!

Baby Mama Juice said...

7's are still my favorite jeans! I have several pairs of bell bottoms and a pair of skinnies (which are the best in the whole wide world). Go for it!

Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

i still wear my 7's - they are comfy - and i love ANY jean with a FLARE to them - i'm over the 'skinny'