January 22, 2013

instagrammed and a gallery wall before + after

I am in LOVE with Crate & Barrel's everyday wine glass. It's so the perfect everyday ( ha! ) glass. It's short stem and wide thin cup are perfection. I enjoy a glass when I cook supper every night-

Friday afternoon before we pick up the girls from school hubs and I always sneak in a coffee date. It's such a great way to end the week and start the weekend. I'm all about a caramel apple spice ( no whip of course )-

These two were party ready this weekend. Calleigh ( on the right ) turned 7-

There were a few baking fiasco's.. one that ended with me sobbing and yelling and scraping uncooked chocolate dairy + gluten free cake in the garbage. Just being honest, ha! I'm blaming it completely on hormones ;) . By the time I was done my fit, my sweet sweet husband had already left for the store for new ingredients. Love him :)

This little moment in the house made me happy today..

I'm super sensitive to scent, but I like to have some.. so I dilute the scent with coffee beans. Don't laugh, it actually works! I'll let this one sit like this for a day or two more. I have the diptyque rose scent in a vase surrounded with coffee beans- it's cute and helps! Allows this migraine sufferer some pretty :)

Here's a gallery wall $10 QUESTION before + after for you.. L wanted a fresh look for her gallery wall-

I just love how it turned out. We simplified with a new layout, changed the frames and picked out some great art pieces! L added a few $10 gallery wall water colors to her inspiration pinboard too..so you might spy a couple in there :) fun!

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Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet baby! and that gallery wall looks great. Also love your orchid and the idea of putting it in a clear dish.