November 29, 2012

three things | yummy denim shirts

I won't lie.. my denim shirt is from H&M kids department two years ago for $29. I wear it weekly. It's soft, it's long, rollable sleeves, it's a staple in my closet of paired down essentials.

It's not very often I see a denim shirt that makes me think, 'ooh, I want that' but these three from Madewell did-

western styling $88-
chambray ex-boyfriend $69.50-
chambray cargo shirt $75-

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Jordin- I Love That! said...

I love that you can wear denim shirts all year around. Mine is from Old Navy a few years ago and getting worn out! Love these you posted from Madewell. There is also a pretty good one at Target right now that looks similar to the first one you posted. I am all about a bargain!

rikshaw design said...

i have the top 2 and have them in heavy rotation! they get softer and softer! love em!

Kristen | Cottage Modern said...

I love that denim shirts are back in! Of course my husband (who's American--I'm Canadian) took the opportunity to jab at us Canucks by referring to a denim shirt paired with jeans as a "Canadian tuxedo". So rude. Now I want one even more!