November 12, 2012

gimme fur!

It started with these two shots that I fell for reading an issue of Lucky mag-

Crazy good layers-

and pure lux with MK-

I'm sure you've seen this popping up around pinterest-

Which is I'm sure what stuck in the back of my mind and prompted me to buy this-

MK faux fur neck warmer 

but it's been sitting in my closet, because you need the perfect weight sweater to wear it with. It needs to be heavy and're not going to put a jacket over it, so it needs to be snuggly-

So this Vince sweater won, I'll show you my take on the fur trend when the sweater arrives! I'm also dying for a vest, but I just haven't found one I love!

Vince chunky knit sweater

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Sarah said...

they have a really awesome fur vest at Banana Republic right now.. it has a drawstring inside so you can make it more flatterying around your waist.. its longer, and a fairly decent price!!!

Sarah said...

Love fur too, I'm lucky to have inherited my Mom's full length mink coat - it started ripping though...eek...gotta watch out for PETA people - ;-)