June 10, 2012

loving | glassybaby

Goldenrod glassybaby in Lauren's room - I'm crazy about the yellow pop

tangerine in Calleigh's-

There are three pages of colors to swoon over.. there are about 20 more colors I'd like to have! Peony, latte, linen, tutu and wetdog to name a few ;)

I recently found out some really fabulous things about glassybaby's. I've always known I loved their perfect shape, amazing color collection and ability to fit into any decor style.

But have a read through this..

 glassybaby are all about making people happy with the power of color and light.  The founder is a three time cancer survivor and the company has now given back almost a million dollars from sales to charities dedicated to healing and helping cancer patients.

  • Lee Rhodes was fighting her third battle with cancer and raising three small children in 1998 when she first dropped a tea light into a handmade, colorful, glass cup.  Lee found great hope and healing in the soothing light and found the peace and calm she needed to heal.  She wanted to spread that hope.  She began hiring artists to make more colorful, glass votives and soon opened a glassblowing studio.  glassybaby was born.

  • From the beginning, glassybaby donated money from sales to charities helping cancer patients.  Lee remembers meeting people in waiting rooms who could not afford basic day to day costs like bus fare and groceries during treatment.  Health insurance does not help with those needs so Lee wanted to help fill that gap.  glassybaby has donated more than $910,000. from sales to charities dedicated to healing and helping patients with those costs during 
  • glassybaby are made by Seattle artists in 400+ colors with names like hope, joy, frog hunting, wet dog and happiness.  60+ artists work seven days a week at our Seattle studio.  It takes four artists to make just one glassybaby.  
  • glassybaby sales were up 40% last year.  We can't  make them fast enough.  The more glassybaby we sell, the more we give away to charity.  
  • glassybaby are a way of saying something that words cannot say.  glassybaby are memory builders.  People buy glassybaby as gifts or for themselves to mark special moments in their lives.
  • Lee was recently named Entrepreneur of 2011 from Entrepreneur magazine.  She is the first woman to win the award. 
Incredible right. So yes they are gorgeous, but now there are really good reasons to support such an incredible business.. wow right?!

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Anonymous said...

Moved to the south from Seattle and they are my favorite things that came with the move. Frequently move them around, they are always perfect anywhere I put them.
Well worth it.

Marcy said...

Aren't they beautiful!! I adore Lee's story and how generous glassybaby is - what a fabulous company.

Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

These are gorgeous! And I love the meaning and story behind them ;)