June 8, 2012

I like your style | work spaces

Love these super inspiring work spaces.. working from home definitely has it's pluses..  ( mostly working in a cozy anthro robe with a cup of coffee at your side ;) ) ( OK! Most days I'm dressed perfectly respectable.. it was just once..ha ha )

Love, love, love all those spaces.. I would be inspired working at any of them!

Here are my two..one in our bedroom if I need quiet, and below my main floor closet to office project! Both these shots are from Ivy & Piper ( so fun and exciting to be featured :))

Wishes for a wonderful weekend!

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Gramercy Home said...

Great spaces indeed! Loved catching up on all your fun projects.

Tiffany @ Savor Home said...

Love these spaces as well! Yours is probably my favorite though...:) Have a great weekend!

B is building a house said...

Beautiful images. Exactly what I needed as I am looking to pretty up my home office <3


Andrea {blonde ambitions} said...

Love all of those spaces, especially yours! :) Have a great weekend! I ordered my new rug to match the design board, now working on art and more pillows!

Rachel said...

Great images! Feeling inspired to spruce mine up about and have brainstorming a little myself! : ) Rachel