December 16, 2011

winner + a limited time offer!

Congratulations Melissa! So excited to get started on your space! Melissa is looking at either her bedroom or living room for the design board..

A special holiday offer for anyone wanting help on a room(s)..take 25% off the e design/ design board price! Please email me at if you're interested in this offer! Any projects starting in the next 5 days will save 25%! Have a peek at what the e design option gets you HERE.

E DESIGN ( design/ inspiration board via email after lots of on line discussion ) is the perfect option to help you design from scratch, update or finish a room! To see all the details visit Sarah Swanson Design.


Pinecone Camp said...

Lucky Melissa! Do we get to see what you'll be creating for her?

paula said...

I would like that to my room!