September 23, 2011

e design, where to start

pulling together a cohesive look for a new build can be a bit of a process. I met Kathryn today, who is working with Tara to transform a dining table and chairs for the new space. When I asked Kathryn what the overall look she wanted to achieve was she answered with a mix of hollywood glam, kelly wearstler, mary macdonald.. but it needs to be practical for a young family and cost effective. Here's the inspiration I put together for Kathryn to narrow down her look-

One common factor in all these rooms is grey. Whether soft and pale or boldly dark-

I think this Kelly Wearstler room has a palette we can work with for Kathryn's home.

The chairs in this next photo are similar to Kathryn's ( shown )..and I love them in this grey. The about a rich hued velvet. It would add an unexpected touch of glam-

Kathryn was thinking about a robins egg blue for the living room..I'd love to see her opt for something a bit calmer and easier to build a palette off of, like Benjamin Moores Tranquility-

( This color is just off the top of my head, in the morning I'll have a good look at my BM colors and see if there is an even better fit! )

Something like this will play gorgeously off the white kitchen, ginger island and dark floors. I love this color and this color from Lauren Lane Decors new Annie Sloan collection. Wouldn't the paler grey look incredible with a hint of gold around the edges?!

So I'll run all these thoughts past Kathryn and we'll carry on from here..either with more details or back to the drawing board. All good design has to start somewhere!

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