August 4, 2011

console, updated

Found these fun creamy white branches at crate & barrel yesterday with the girls, they layered into the pieces on the console nicely, they are subtle yet they grab your attention. My house is still in shambles, well not shambles, but all the new moves are being tried out for a few days before I commit to just don't get comfortable ;)

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Ideezine said...

They really take your eyes upward great for small rooms. Love the stark white.


Tracey Ayton Photography said...

Ah white .... Lovely white!

Meesh@idreamofchairs said...

White on white on white + a smidge of it!

Hilary Dow-Ward said...

Swapping things around on my console is my favorite thing to do. Takes a few minutes and fulfills my desires to make a change! Love what you've done. WHITE is so crisp, always a thumbs up!