April 30, 2010

Mountain Brook, more with Tracery Interiors

After the kitchen, I thought we better see more -

I love the lit art, dresser and lightness of the lamps,

we all know how I feel about the kitchen, sigh

the china + built ins, oh my!

nail head chairs, I love mine too -

the ceilings, the walls, the craftsmanship is superb-

the muted tones of the wood, the chandelier + soft greys

herringbone patterned floors, the tub-

the work of Tracery Interiors is so lovely, and so me. Do you love it too?

Mountain Brook

omg. This may be the most amazing kitchen I have ever seen. In my whole life-

Tracery Interiors, you've done it again. Wow.

April 29, 2010

room feature, Paula of Two Ellie

I just adore Paula. We meet such amazing people through blogging, and this girl and I just hit it off -she's sweet, genuine, and talented. She's a mom of two like me, and has amazing style. We both like a great find, and for a room to grow over time with the right pieces at the right price.
I asked Paula if she would share a room in her home with us, and she did. Enjoy her gorgeous living room filled with unique, personal and beautiful pieces. I just love it-

( are you dying with me over the sofa, and chairs.. oh the stool, rug and photography... )

I was quite humbled when Sarah asked if she could feature one of my rooms on her blog. I just adore her style and blog. Her request really could not have come at a more perfect time, I just got finished putting a few finishing touches on our living room. First off I would like to say my style taste exceeds our budget so it makes me have to get creative and find deals like no other. I think the hunt adds to the look of the room though. It took some time, but finally after three years of being in this home this room is done. Well, as done as I will ever get as I do like change.

Room details -

sofa by Rowe was found at Z.Gallerie on a huge discount. It seems the a lady returned it that day and the shop just had to get rid of it. It was still in new condition. I still see it in specialty shops with double the price.

The pillow covers are from Pottery Barn on sale of course.

Chairs are from At Home here in Alabama for $99.00 a piece. Love knowing I could sell them today for more if I felt so inclined.

The white side table is an old typing desk ($10) that I bought at a yard sale and painted.

Table lamp from Target about 5 years ago. Tall lamp on clearance at Pier One for $60 I believe.

White marble coffee table was my first antique piece. I bought it in college for $250.

Ikea Ribba frames hold a photo done by my husband. It's one of our favorite spots.

Corbels ($15), industrial stool ($50), and birds ($2 a piece) were all finds at Home Goods. (discount Home shop)

Sea urchins vases on coffee table are from Tracery Interiors shop. 20% off. The book they sat on was from our honeymoon in Savannah, ga.

The art was done by a dear friend for a wedding gift.

Pottery is Peter's pottery.

Jute rug from Pier One for $25, I believe.

Cow hide rug a recent craigslist find for $100.

Thank you Paula! xx

and if for some reason you haven't met her.. visit Two Ellie here

todays hint of pink

oh I am such a girl-

{jens pick} stella + dot

Stella + Dot have mastered the creation of stunning + unique jewelery pieces at reasonable price points....and now they have gone one step further with the launch of their Little Girls line...simply precious! I am thinking that my little Miss H, may be getting a little something for her birthday this summer! {I am thinking I may be sad that they won't fit me too!}

April 28, 2010

colored glasses

The color, the motion, the beautiful people - not sure what it is, but this image just strikes me as fabulous-

behind the scenes at LV

430sq ft jam packed with charm

I love small spaces. I may have said that before. A cozy room + cozy home is far more important to me than a big sprawling home that you can never keep clean. This sweet 430 sq. ft home perfectly fits the bill for a space packed with charm and character, and the 16ft ceilings and 9- 6ft windows don't hurt either -

I love the sun filled rooms, little hints of color, delicate patterns and unique pieces. What a lovely space.
( and I probably wouldn't complain about a big sprawling house either ;)

watery blues

gorgeous bedrooms, guestrooms, spare rooms + workrooms. All confirming my love for watery blues + creamy whites-


April 26, 2010

Q+A with Janis Nicolay

I'll confess. I had to apologize to Janis after I realized who she was. I may have been a little bit of a dork. Can't blame me, I was excited. Realizing that so many of the homes and interiors I have loved looking at over the years in my favorite magazines - that she took the photographs. I have since hopefully regained a little composure. Let me introduce Janis Nicolay, an interiors and lifestyle photographer ( site here ) and author of the gorgeous blog, Pinecone Camp.

I enjoyed this Q+A, and I hope you do too. Thanks Janis, it's been a blast conversing with you-

1. Camera of choice?

I mostly use my Canon and an array of lenses. I also have a medium format film camera, which I still love using. There’s something magical about film!

2. What is the coolest home you’ve ever photographed?

Ooh, that’s a tough a question! I’ve shot so many great places, but one of the coolest would be the Cuddington house, in the current issue of House and Home magazine. It’s a very “green” home, with a hydroponic green roof to keep the house cool in the summer, warm in the winter. Other green elements include a HEPA air filtration system, no PVC or CFCs, bamboo flooring and cabinetry and much more.

3. What magazines do you shoot for?

Off the top of my head, House and Home, Style At Home, Vogue Living (Australia), Country Living, Garden Design, Canadian Gardening.

4. What is the process when you know you are shooting a home?

I always try to see the home in person, before we shoot. It’s good to be able to check out the lighting, which direction the house faces, and to have an idea of size of the space.
For the actual shoot, I’ll work with a stylist and my assistant. My assistant and I will find an area to set up a computer, work out lighting, then help the stylist if furniture has to be moved around, or props need to be arranged. I also never drink alcohol the night before a shoot. I’ve learned my lesson the hard way!

5. You live in Vancouver, BC. We lived there for a short time, I LOVED it, my hubby, not so much. What’s your favorite place in Vancouver?

Well, I have to ask....why didn’t your hubby love Vancouver? Ha-ha! I was born here, and I do really love it. My favorite place would have to be Chinatown. I thought it was magical when I was a child, and I still do. It’s starting to make a bit of a comeback now, with great restaurants and shopping.

6. What’s your favorite item in your closet?

Ugh. I was just rooting through my closet today - I need to go shopping! If I have to choose, it would have to be my black dress from Comrags (Canadian designers). Oh, and all my vintage silk scarves. Love wearing scarves.

7. Do you travel a lot? If you come to Calgary, will you come for coffee?

I used to travel a lot more, but since so many magazines have shut down, publishers are being more cautious. I still travel around B.C., but you never know I just might be in Calgary one of these days. I would definitely have a coffee with you.....or a glass of wine;)

8. Can we see a picture of your home?

Hmm. It’s a work in progress, so I’ll just show a vignette of our living room. Maybe I can update you when we have it all finished!

9. What is a tip you can share for photographing our own homes?

Natural light!!! Tighter shots are a little nicer than big wide shots as well.

10. How do magazines find the homes they feature?

From a bunch of super sleuth stylists, photographers, designers as well as homeowners.

11. What is your favorite thing to photograph?

How about a few “things”? Cute details, the alleys of Melbourne, and food. Lifestyle stories are always fun too....especially if working with unpredictable llamas or emus and children!

12. And can you share your favorite photograph?

This is one of my favorites and it’s not a street scene, alley or food! This old ford is on my sister-in-law’s property in a small town in Victoria, Australia. When I took this photo, it was almost sunset on a very hot summer evening. I love the colours and the flare from the sun. It’s just an image that brings back happy memories. There were several geese honking behind me while I was taking this picture, as well. Would that be a “gaggle” then? They were very irritated with me.

13. Married, kids?

No kids, but I do have a fabulous permanent date (a.k.a. Husband), Robert.

14. . What are you famous for? What do the people closest to you know you for?
( Sorry, it’s my favorite question. I used to use it all the time when interviewing for Pottery Barn. I LOVE the answers )
Buying clothes in haste and returning them. I do this ALL THE TIME. I also have a terrible foot-in-mouth issue and an irrational fear of ketchup. There you have it!

Ok, so I can't explain my husbands bad taste ;) , I would love to see the finished house ( you're killing me with that gorgeous shot ) + I'm free for wine whenever you're in town- oh, and ketchup.. really...

cool hues

Cool stripes, turquoise and gold, weathered wood- yum
images, ralph lauren + atlanta homes mag

April 25, 2010

lily of the valley

Lily of the Valley. I'll never forget that my mom brought me a bunch when I got engaged. I would have carried a bouquet of them if they were in season. I pick them every time I visit my moms, and I hope the ones we transplanted last year to my house will pop up again. I also remember our ( me + my moms ) first attempt ( many years ago ) at a Martha Stewart craft-

The punch a hole in a tin can, thread wire, fill with flowers and hang charmingly on the door. You'll never guess what we filled them with-

I'd make them again in a second.

image here

April 24, 2010


Next week I'll have a fun new Q+A with a fabulous Canadian talent who shoots for our favorite Canadian magazines-

image here

In the meantime you can read my last Q+A with Jill Sharp Brinson, Decembers House Beautiful cover home + feature. She's a blast!

Q+A with Jill here