May 11, 2010

it involves a bean, I know that for sure-

Home from preschool today comes Calleigh with a bean in a cup. With no instructions. I'm almost positive I'm over thinking this but she says we're supposed to plant it outside. Does it not stay in it's cup?

but then there are these seeds too-

Can someone please explain this whole planting thing to me? It's been along time since I brought one of these home :)
Thanks for all your sweet words today - I will re post the room soon, with a better shot of the color choices. For now, tell what to do with this seed!


Beach House Living said...

Goodness if I know. I'm sorry.

Kathysue said...

No clue, either! Check her back pack maybe the directions are in there!! I am so glad you are going to put your room back up. I wanted to suggest that but did not want to add any more frustration to your day. I think putting it back up shows how much you love it and how proud you are of your home. You go for it sweetie, I will be here to back you up, promise!! Kathysue

jen said...

Deacon had a little bean sprout that he had to grow in a cup...but it came with dirt...maybe you are suppose to 'get it going' inside and then transplant it?? Good Luck!

Terri said...

I think you need to keep it in the cup until it starts growing and has leaves... then you can plant in soil. Make sure she keeps it wet... and she should see it start sprouting soon!

2 Hounds Design said...

Are there roots and a sprout coming out of the bean yet? If so, I guess you would plant it. A bean plant is a vine.

If no sprout and roots yet then keep it moist and warm...?

I got 3 of them in a plastic baggie from my son (he's in JK). He couldn't tell me what to do with them either. We finally (about 2 weeks after he brought them home planted 2 of them where Dad's whipper snipper would not get them.

Did you get my email? Thrilled to hear you are putting your post back!



I think they stay in the cup (with the wet paper towel) until they have sturdy stems and visible roots.
Then, if it's warm enough, you can plant them.
But don't hold me to that!!!

Kendall said...

Wow. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to figure out this stuff when I have a kid!! You are a trooper:)

Tonia w/ Chic Modern Vintage said...

I don't know it looking like little bugs right now. I'm all green thumbs. :-)