March 16, 2010

silver trays

In conversation a few weeks ago I mentioned to my mom that I would love a silver tray.
She was sweet enough to bring a gorgeous one from her mother this past weekend-
Thanks mom, I'll treasure it.
I'll share mine tomorrow :)


erica@ moth design+luxe life said...

Excited! Can't wait to see. I have a couple nice ones too- one from PB. xo
ps- thanks for the lovely comments on both blogs! xo

Deliciously Organized said...

What a sweet mom. I'm sure you will always treasure it. can't wait to see it!

Brabourne Farm said...

These gorgeous things are permanently on my wish list - it's such a shame that they're so hard to find. Leigh

A Perfect Gray said...

lovely, and I LOVE all those trays on a wall...

Charlotta Ward said...

Yes I am so with you on silver trays! Actually most things silver. Am so going to grow a big collection of vintage silver candlesticks when I am back in Europe.

Silver trays and collections make me think of Tine K and her amazing apartment in Copenhagen.. Did you see it. It's on my blog - you will love it!

Thanks again for your visit.