March 29, 2010

master of. award

A huge thank you Miss Sarah for this lovely award, it's my first ever and I was thrilled beyond belief to receive it! Although you had me a little stumped :)
Here goes.. a few quirky things about me-

I am a master of / at

1. Skate sharpening as mentioned here
2. Merchandising, making a fabulous bed + hanging a gallery wall by eyeballing it.
3. making turns out every time, my mother in law curses me for this ability!
4. Organising. anything.
5.Making a huge mess to organise a space from scratch.. it's the only way to know what your working with
6. Taking in the contents of a magazine in a 1 minute flip through.. when Calleigh was a baby + colicky, I didn't have more than a minute to myself for 6 months :)

So now you know a little about me, and I'm going to do a little something different to pass it along-
Share here! Let me + my fabulous readers know a little thing that you have mastered! xoxo


Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

Hmm, can I hire you to organize my life??? ;) Loving your blog lady! xo

Sarah B said...

That's great Sarah! I wish I was a master of organising things - I'm terrible!!

Rachel said...

I'm a master of matching colors by eyeballing it. Even if I don't have what I'm trying to match with me, I can generally eyeball a color that will match with it well.

Once, I was helping my Mom match a tricky red in a rug she had. When we were at the fabric store, I picked out 3 samples that ended up all matching perfectly.

I'm also a master of random entertainment trivia, corraling 5 dogs, and using my crockpot.

I think I need to take some lessons in something... ;-)

Sarah La Rose said...

I'm a master organizer. I also get the place very messy before it ends up being very organized.