March 27, 2010

number one of six

Ok Sarah - I'm going to post these 6 things that I am a master of as I think of them.. hope that's ok :)
NUMBER 1. This may catch you a little off guard, but #1 is sharpening goalie skates. Really, I'm good. Never in my whole life did I think I would do this, but I do now and I am good :)

A little background- my husband Kevin is a goalie coach, and we have a goalie training center here in Calgary.. GDI Alberta.

How did I do?


Anonymous said...

That is too funny! You are talented on all fronts! :)

Sarah B said...

Hi Sarah, oh the suspense of waiting for all 6 things!! But that's a good start, what a quirky thing to master :)
I'm happy that you are taking part, I am happy to have discovered your blog!!

Cashon&Co said...

that is funny & cute!