February 28, 2010

three things

Weekend flowers, thanks honey

a trip to the ' treasure store' ( what Calleigh likes to call it )

found a cute lamp for a makeover.

my side of the road project.. I have plans for this one

The living room trim work is coming along nicely, just waiting for a couple coats of paint today.
Have a great Sunday-


jen engelhardt said...

what an incredible find! i love treasure hunting!! i think we will have to plan a date this summer...hmmm...i am daydreaming...warm sunshine, the farmers market...a few secret 'restoration required' stores in the afternoon..maybe a little starbucks...oh dear, mark your calendar because i am not letting you off the hook. xoxo

sarah, flourish design + style said...

Set the date! That sounds like a wonderful day! xo

paula said...

great lamp, pretty flowers and I can't wait to see your find all spruced up!