February 25, 2010

the deep south

I have a very strong connection to the south. Pretty sure in another life I lived in one of those imposing antebellum homes. Don't even ask where this comes from-
But when we lived in South Carolina, and I visited Charleston, something tugged on my heart.

I came upon this darling and interesting home that survived the fires of 1838. It is known to the original builder as the Juliana Dupre house. Well, of course it is-

It's fresh, bright, modern and traditional. It honors it's roots and at the same time it is brought in to today. The tree lined walk way, I can't even tell you how charming these are..it's a little glimpse into someones world. Ah.. I'm so having a day dream moment right now.



paula said...

this is home is gorgeous. I am pretty parcel to the south myself.

my favorite and my best said...

as a southern girl i can attest to the awesomeness of it's architecture and gardens..charleston, savannah, even atlanta..its heaven. if you can stand the heat. which i can't so ask me in august if i like it still.