January 3, 2010

look what I got!!!!!!!!

my dad is the best. The most adored a dad can be by his daughter. Look what he brought me. My dad has been waiting to get this cabinet from his dad ( who originally had it in his mechanic shop in Edmonton when my dad was a boy ) for ever. And once he got it, well.. I may have mentioned how perfect it would be in my house.. about 45,000 times. Every time I saw him in fact. Well, yesterday my mom & dad came down from Red Deer, and look what he brought me. Seriously dad, you are the best. I will love it forever. ( and if I find any money tucked away in it.. I'll share it ;). xo

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Smitten Design said...

What a wonderful piece and an even better dad. i am visiting from two ellie. Glad I found your blog.