December 16, 2009

gallery wall. bedroom

Anne Harwell ( annechovie ) Anna Spiro's chair

Calf portrait. Jane Heller
Make a wish. Lucky Bluebird Art

Jennifer Ramos, Made By Girl Love Candy

linocut print. live from bklyn
Oh, deciding on the white for our master bedroom was so the right decision! It's like a weights been lifted :) I am going to do all white bedding ( which I had previously done for years, until we got our king bed last year I went with beige instead ) white blinds or roman, haven't decided that yet. But for fun I spent some time scouring etsy, and found some fantastic art. ( ordered ) I'm going to do a gallery wall above our bed, in mixed frames. From ornate gold to clean crisp white. I'm so excited! We have a few days off after Christmas, so we'll be able to get the painting done.


Sarah said...

Oh my! the calf pic is adorable! love it! great choice with all white - then you can add different colors depending on seasons or whatever!

My Name said...

Oh thanks a bunch for featuring Madebygirl :)

Jen Ramos
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