November 13, 2009

louis vuitton cruise 2010

The Art of travel by Louis Vuitton.
Discover the Louis Vuitton's 2010 Cruise Collection celebrating Marc Jacobs' vision of the "French coquette".
A leggy creature in sequined open boots who roams the Riviera and sets off on a chic safari through urban asphalt jungles or distant expanses of sand.Wearing flirtatious skater skirts, or another in pleated le...ather, she wavers between sexy subversion and couture allure. Her rope and gold metal fashion jewellery and print patchwork scarf show a sweet sense of irony.
The 2010 Cruise Collection is all about being very serious about not being serious, capturing the totally French spirit of this deluxe coquette, whose mix of chic and sparkle defines a "cool couture" attitude.

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