September 9, 2009

school days

wow. My little Calleigh Elizabeth has started school. Preschool. Had her first day yesterday. Had some serious reservations, as I'm sure all moms do, as to how she would handle it. On grandma's advise we let her drop her off, so the mommy separation issue wasn't there. She did great. Loved it in fact. Was a little ticked that she didn't get to go this morning. Only 2 days a week this year..considering we didn't know how she would like it. Our house, with two little girls is often a who can screech louder, run faster or win the tug of war over a toy house. Yesterday, while Calleigh was at school and just Lauren ( almost 2) at home, it was blissfully quiet. She sat at the table and painted. Then got excited to go bring Calleigh home. Home is her new favorite word since she was at the hospital last week! So, all the anxiety I had..gone. Phew. { This coming from the mom, who before kids used to cry when I dropped the dog off for a haircut.} Yup, I'm pretty proud of all of us.

So in honor of all the little girls heading to school for the first time, or back again this year, enjoy these adorable looks from crewcuts. So+sweet. xo

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The Lil Bee said...

What a sweet post:) I'm glad it went so well for all of you!