September 10, 2009

newest update

Almost a year (Oct.3/08) since we moved into our new house.
I swear it evolves constantly. Always thinking of new vignettes, new ideas, better storage or furniture layout ideas.
It's a challenge to sometimes achieve the look you want with 2 little kids, but it's getting easier. My girls are fantastic..we never fully childproofed our home. Cabinets and gates on the stairways yes, but we never did eliminate decorative item on tables. We eliminated a coffee table, and went with an ottoman. You can see the table is pushed against the wall...more clearance for running, without hitting the table!
The entrance, which is small, has always bugged me. I have tried everything with it. But this makes me happy! It's simple and roomy, clean and uncluttered.
So this is our new entry + dining area. A little moulding, some paint + a patient husband and we have a whole new look. Gosh it makes me smile.

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