August 18, 2009

unlock the past

Thinking of Charleston South Carolina actually makes me breathless. Having only visited a couple of times, I was lucky enough to explore the historic downtown, meeting street, the battery, water front and tour a working plantation [ saw rows of slave quarters, rivers to transport cotton & there was a wedding reception being held as we left .cool]. I picked cotton, ate fresh seafood, walked through antique shops, visited cemetery's...there is so much history and well.. history there. Every where you turn you imagine what the city has faced..war,slavery,devastating hurricanes. The homes are truly spectacular in how they are built tall and narrow, with rows of windows and balcony's 3 storeys up. You imagine ghosts and politics and love stories.

Each home has a story to tell. And I would give anything to hear it.

This fall there is a home and garden tour. sigh

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