October 11, 2012

Friday links

So I went and did something really smart. I never wear jeans. Don't know why. I buy them, and then they sit and sit and sit.. I finally figured out what bugged me. They were too long- I've officially found my desired 'ankle' length, and went and took them to my seamstress.. humph, I'm pretty pleased with myself :)

Want to know how to find your BLUSH SPOT? Try it! I'm going to!

How perfect is Lily Aldrigde's HAIR COLOR?

Good heavens I should not look at bags, but I'm feeling ready for a change. Not that I want to stray from my loyalty to LV..but this PRADA has me weak in the knees..I guess I better start saving my pennies ;)

I made this LEMON ZUCCHINI loaf tonight.. I'll let you know how it tastes!

Love the calf hair + pink in this gorg. CLARE VIVIER clutch-

Did you see this pin? Has anyone tried it?!

Wishes for a wonderful weekend! x

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Unknown said...

I have done this too! After having babies and not wearing heels so often, I realized that my jeans were too long for flats.