May 27, 2012

call it preppy, call it classic-

whatever way you look at it pink|navy|white is a brilliant combination. It inspired me today.. we had a girls afternoon that included a fabulous pedicure..I was wearing navy + white stripes with white linen shorts and added a bright pop of pink on my toes. What a fun combination-

Here the mint and fur with the plush pale pink + navy screams glamour-





such a fan of Caitlin Wilson Textiles, I use them in projects all the time-


There are lots of pops of pink + blue in the shop now too!


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Ann said...

Love those pink pops in there.

preppylove said...

Pink and navy- my absolute FAVORITE color combo!!

xoxo said...

One of my favorite color combos. I loved that post. I am a fan of your work, too!

Nat said...

I love navy, pink, and white!

the dECOr empress mum said...

I love Navy and it looks fantastic in these pics with pops of pink!