March 22, 2012

working on [ design projects ]

I love finding a clients unique style and taste through the design board process.. here are some similar modified versions of what we've been working on this week..( I'm not publishing a clients exact boards : )

Mixing creamy whites, simple yet stylish pieces and a little dose of feminine in the pillows-

Loving the hints of pink, a little bit prep and a whole lot of luxe-
( art Sally King Benedict navy pillows Caitlin Wilson Textiles )

Strong art, sexy furnishings-
A retreat that evokes the calming effects of the sea-

( pillows Caitlin Wilson Textiles , striped pillows , art driftwood interiors )

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Looking for other sources? Please look on my pinboard working on [ design projects ] they're all there!

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erica said...

I love the hints of pink with a touch of prep makes for the perfect room. xo

Designwali said...

love your area rug picks!

B is building a house said...

Love the x-leg bench, lamps and the rug in the first pic :)



Love the boards.....I wish Sally would just feel sorry for me and send me some art:). Love what she does!

kerry said...

Could you email me about the gold lamp with the black shade? I'm still looking for one for my living room.

Like Me Some said...

I always love your design boards! You have such a great eye! I really like the white lamps on the first board!! I'll be checking your pinboard:)

BJ and Shalene said...

Can you share the source for the rug shown beneath the horse artwork? I couldn't find it on your pin board.

Unknown said...

You bet!