February 3, 2012

putting it together

Building one of these...?

I know how hard it is to fill frames for a gallery wall. You want a collected collection of unique and charismatic pieces..right? That's why I started GALLERYWALL, to give you an inexpensive ( $10 each ) art option to frame. From black graphic pieces to blue, pink and purple, they're fun pieces to display alone or amongst a group. I restocked the shop today, the first batch was cleaned out..thanks for that, hope you like the new ones! x

images 1/2/3/4/5/6

E DESIGN ( design/ inspiration board via email after lots of on line discussion ) is the perfect option to help you design from scratch, update or finish a room! To see all the details visit Sarah Swanson Design.



Thanks Sarah...I just ordered a black one! So excited.

Annie H. said...

Such great ideas. Has me rethinking my own wall that I am trying to "get right".

(Eileen) a creative day said...

Love that bottom image... and so exciting everything already sold!