January 11, 2014

impromptu trip | YAY! | but I need to know what to wear... oh and what to do..

On January 25th we are heading to LA to watch the Winter Classic outdoor hockey game.. how Canadian hey?!  Ha ha.. us freezing Calgarians are ridiculously excited for a 3 day trip to sunshine! So my question to you Californians is what the heck do you wear in LA in January?! We are staying in Hermosa Beach and have our Friday and Saturday planned.. but we have a good amount of day on Sunday before we fly home.. what do we NEED to go do in LA?!

I so need this print!

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Dana said...

i promise you won't be too cold! pack layers. it will be chilly in the morning, and when the sun goes down, but most days it will be between 75-85 degrees by lunchtime. enjoy yourself!

Sarah said...

Sounds like fun and I would say, layer! Jeans with t's and long sleeve t's with cotton sweaters - v-necks to show the t's and some comfortable flats for day and a wrap dress for night with heels. Sounds good ay? Have fun and hope this helps! And don't forget to check weather.com before you go - also a nice leather jacket - ;-)