July 16, 2013

tunic crazy.

tunics. I'm kind of obsessed right now. Out of the blue, for no reason I am stocking my closet with tunics.

This one I wore the day we travelled to Napa. Paired with white shorts and brown Tory Burch sandals it looked great and kept me casual but put together.

I took this Tory Burch tunic as a swim suit cover up for over my two piece white Phillip Lim suit.. yup I did it. Went for two piece :)

This tunic arrived while we were away, I had ordered it in white.. I know these are going to be closet staples so they're around for years!

I picked up this non tunic but perfectly light and airy top at J Crew..

and while I was there I tried on this tunic.. I loved it.. but for now it stays at J Crew ;)

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Barbara Matson said...

I am a tunic kind of gal myself. Love how they fit and the classic look they evoke!

Holly Baker said...

I LOVE the first tunic to death. I am totally a tunic girl, or else a breezy blouse girl. A girl can never have too many of either.

Richele Penner said...

Ooh! Sounds like you have the perfect collection of tunics! So perfect for summer (or anytime really). I love the flouncy material that makes it stylish and cozy at the same time!