May 7, 2013

menu planning | what we're eating the next few days | gluten and dairy free

There's no question menu planning has saved my life. It's actually made me enjoy cooking again :) I do find it hard to plan 7 days of meals so we split it 4 + 3 and do our shopping that way too. Here are the next 4 days for us-

Spinach and quinoa salad with chickpeas, oranges and beets. This is so yummy and we'll fill our plates and make it a meal. It's nice to have a lighter meal some nights. To simplify it I use canned beats ( I seriously like canned beats with lots of sea salt! )

Recipe from Gluten Free Goddess.

I'm excited to try this one tomorrow.. before dairy and gluten issues fettucine alfredo was my favorite meal. This alfredo uses bacon, mushrooms and seafood. I'm going to only use small shrimp instead of what's listed in the recipe. It's definitely a higher calorie meal!

Recipe from The Freak Food Gourmet.

Thursday night is breakfast for supper night.. who doesn't love that?! I'll be cooking eggs baked in ham with bacon and hash browns. Pure comfort food. I'll never forget when my girlfriend Janessa baked eggs like that for us, so so good, the flavor is amazing!

Grease a cupcake pan and line each cup with ham and then crack your egg inside, salt and pepper it and throw it in the oven to bake! You could also use little ramekins or tart dishes :)

Finally Friday night is Cuban black beans and rice. Sounds yummy, I'm going to broil and slice up steak to go along with it. Makes it a little bit more filling!

Recipe from Real Simple.

If you have favorite spots for gluten free recipes do share and I'll share them as I cook them + try them! x

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bluehydrangea said...

thanks so much for the yummy recipes, I so need some new gluten and diary free ideas for dinner.

Sarah said...

I love canned beets as well. Here is a great recipe I have been eating for lunch and its really simple: sweet potato, black beans or northern beans (or you could try chickpeas), cheese and salsa. Heat potato, slice up cheese (I use Colby) bits, let them melt, add a tablespoon or more of beans and top with salsa - delicious!!