April 4, 2013

re create this Nate Berkus designed space

Since Pinterest has really blown up and given us so much inspiration in one spot do you find it's easier or harder to narrow down what you really love in a space?! I love re creating the look of a space using details and products that are readily accessible to us and even better finding a low instead of high version! Sometimes a room can seem overwhelming but really all you need to do is narrow down your search to the key elements that make the room.. like this Nate Berkus designed space for Dr. Ruth. I've taken the key elements and started there..

take these elements, add a plethora of books and you're well on your way to a cozy, lived in, inviting space :)

I think this might be a fun service to add to my design services.. maybe as a LOOK FOR LESS. We can work with elements you may already have to create the space or I'll just start from scratch to give you a recreation of the space you love! Stay tuned!!

( sorry I'm not sharing all of the item links.. while I work out the details for this new service it will be information only for the client :) Thanks for understanding!! )

design philosophy | providing a foundation to grow and alter through the years, I keep the core basic and layer in the current, creating a room that is innately yours. I believe great interiors are not found in one shop. I know you should feel a sense of calm in your space as well as balance, and revel in that gut feeling that it’s the right fit. DESIGN SERVICES start at only 10.00. See Sarah Swanson Design at the top left of this blog!

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Catherine said...

This is a great idea. Now I just need a room that I love entirely...