April 9, 2013

it seems I hate jeans

 Ok so I don't hate them altogether.. just 3 seasons out of 4. I remember last spring I ordered jeans like crazy from J Crew.. and then sold them all in the fall. I kept thinking to myself " why the heck did you order so many pairs of jeans?! You don't wear them ever! " So this spring a few weeks ago I found myself scouring Piperlime, Anthro, shop bop.. looking for jeans. WHY?! I couldn't pick any and I didn't want any. Here's what I figured out..  In the fall I start wearing leggings and boots, and that's truly ALL I wear. I will buy an assortment of tops for my leggings, but I stick to them. Then spring comes around and the shirts don't work so well with leggings..AH HA! This is when I want jeans! Jeans + flats. Thank gawd I figured it out. But then, I'm not really fussy about denim denim. So I have ordered red Citizen jeans from anthro  ( remember the hot pants?! ) Bought white Tory Burch skinny jeans that are AWESOME.. and after much deliberation, I also picked out these TB patterned jeans-

and these Vince jeans. It seems I like my denim boldly colored ;) I'm just happy I figured it all out.. ha.. now in the summer I'll just pack them all away for next spring-

I'm also finding and ordering my next obsession.. shorts. I LOOOVE short weather :)

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Raiana Schwenker said...

shorts?! oh my gosh, I am the total opposite. I hate shorts, I just find they dont look good on me at all. But jeans and skirts/dresses are my go to!
I love what you picked out though! Those floral ones are perfect xo