April 8, 2013

hi | lo and how I'd wear it..

I love Vince. I may have mentioned that a time or 100 this winter that I lived in a Vince big wrap sweater. It truly was the best purchase of the season. So I happened to be snooping through the Vince line and came across this gorgeous blouse.. and it reminded me so much of the Old Navy blouse listed on THRIFTED. I've been so tempted to keep this blouse, and now I have even more reason! So if one of you lovely ladies doesn't snap it up, it's off to my closet :) It's $17.00 + $4 shipping. Sure beats $263!
It's item 10 on THRIFTED.

Ahh if this Marni skirt fit me I would hoard it for myself.. this skirt has a crazy good styling, side pockets, a fabulous bow..it's a gorgeous fit and drape!

The measurements for the skirt are listed with it on THRIFTED. Item 12. It's $45.00 + $10.00 shipping-

Here's exactly how I would wear it.. how great are these colors together?! Gorgeous! Dress it up for work, or pair with a tee on the weekend-

I love this example of how a simple tee can be dressed up! How adorable! There are two colored tee's at THRIFTED that are $5.00 each! Items 60 + 61.

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Who loves stripes?! Or better yet, who doesn't love stripes?! 

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Cardigans layered and belted, easy tee's for under a blazer.. you really can't go wrong with stripes!

Below are items 5, 66, 14 + 15 on THRIFTED ranging from $10.00 to $19.00!

If you're a large or x large, I have two gorgeous cardigans.. camel and a rich chocolate brown! These are items 34 + 37. This picture shows the true rich color of the browns..I just realized the brown looks really washed out in it's original photo. It's not! :)

need some inspiration for wearing brown?! ... 

There is a lot of proof out there on the internet ;) of how not to wear a denim skirt. Yikes. If you dress it really simply though, there are a lot of great everyday looks! 

There are two denim skirts with great lines listed on THRIFTED items 6 +7 !

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That Girl in Pearls said...

This is exactly why I LOVE neutrals and will be faithful to them until I die. A pop of red on from my polish is all I need.

That Girl in Pearls