March 18, 2013

this is so my style

Isn't it a relief in life when you honestly truly figure out YOUR style?! You know what to shop for, you know what suits you.. I just had an OMG I need this moment when snooping at Aritzia. I love it.

silk jacket

Here's another cute look that caught my eye, I love a loose top, and that bag, nice!

top | shorts | bag 

I just added 14 items to THRIFTED.. I love having this little shop! 13 items are $20.00 or less :) xx

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Sandra Carson said...

Loved the cool leather bag..:)
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Lynford Rozario said...

Liked that silk jacket..:)

Android Developer

Sadie + Stella said...

OMG we can actually buy Atriza online now! Rejoice!!

Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

oh i want that jacket too!!!!

Raiana Schwenker said...

I just tried that jacket on the other day!! Really beautiful in person, the fabric is perfect and the whole thing falls beautifully. Plus chartreuse is my ultimate colour atm.